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Check out my new blog! I know I have made several attempts to get one off the ground, including Life’s little To-Dos. Unfortunately, it didn’t succeed due to my lack of effort and commitment. It is different this time around- I have invested so much time and energy into immersing myself in the blog community and learning about what it takes to be a blogger. I’m ready to create and maintain a successful blog and I would absolutely love for you to stop by!

learn & live focuses on continuing to grow and better oneself in any and all aspects of life. I hope to see you there!


“Who here is on a real-life budget?”

Last night in my public relations class, my professor asked us a question: “Who here is on a real-life budget?”  Out of twenty-one students, I was the only one who raised her hand.

Several girls said, “Well, I try to…” which made me chuckle a little on the inside.  If you have ever been on an actual budget, you understand what I mean.  “Trying” to stay on a budget can mean the difference between paying rent and getting evicted, or having enough gas to drive from Point A to Point B, or living off Ramen vs. Bertolli—you get the idea.  The bottom line: if you are on a budget, you figure out a way to stick to it or else.

For those of you who have lived in Boulder, I’m sure you’ve learned that things aren’t necessarily cheap around here.  Quite frankly, living on a budget is frikin’ hard, especially in Boulder where more than a third of my monthly income goes directly into my rent (that’s not including utilities).  However, I’ve spent the past four years learning how to happily live within a tight budget—and I’ll be the first to admit I still have a lot to learn about budgeting and even more to learn about life.

That’s where these words stem from.  I’ve wanted—and even tried—to start a blog throughout college, but I kept asking myself, “What in the world will I write that people will read and care about?”  To be honest, I’m still not too sure of the answer.  I do know a few things, though: 1) Being a twenty-two year old who financially supports herself apparently makes me a minority; 2) I have lived in Boulder most of my life and I don’t mean to brag but I’d say I know a thing or two that some of you newcomers aren’t aware of; 3) I’m a halfway decent writer and I certainly need the practice; and 4) My life isn’t too uninteresting, what with my serving job at a popular downtown restaurant, my internship at a nonprofit embedded in the music industry, my adorable one-year-old puppy with lots of personality, my wonderful friends who embark on adventures with me, and, of course we can’t forget the rollercoaster of the dating world (hah, that alone might make this blog interesting).

So here I am, writing about a question that my professor asked us last night.  For the record, the fact that I’m on a “real-life” budget will not help me with this difficult assignment.  Just one more month until graduation…!